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Frequently Asked Questions

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TriplePaay is a credit solution geared towards providing seamless Buying Power access for individuals in Zambia.
TriplePaay Voucher credit is offered to only working-class individuals.
A credit card is a small plastic card just like a debit card that you get from a financial institution or lending organization like TriplePaay. We fund the credit card with money that you can use for your personal needs and small ticket purchases. Then on a specific date that TriplePaay has picked for you which is mostly your salary date, you pay back the money with an interest rate. You owning a credit card means that you get to enjoy safe, convenient, and instant access to funds whenever you need it.
Once you request for the card instrustions will be sent to your dashboard and via sms or email.
You’re expected to pay back what you've spent on your credit card on your repayment date. Your repayment date is typically set around the day you receive your salary.
After your application approval, requesting loan amount, and acceptance of the offer letter, disbursement takes a maximum of 24hrs.